Last update  10/22/21

​​If interested in getting a puppy with future litters, please fill out the information on my Request Form page to be placed on my waiting list and let me know your puppy preference. I  should have more litters by Nov/DecPlease feel free to check back in the meantime to see what is available and/or if you have any questions. Please check the information and prices to the right. 

     ​ If interested in getting a retired mom, please ask about which dogs would be retiring.

State License #309​​​

Price/per puppy
      will vary and are subject to change

$800 - 
(0-59% Euro)
​$950 - (60% - 65% Euro)
$975-$1100 - (66% - 75% Euro)
​$1200-$1400- (76% - 90% Euro)
$1500-$2000- (91%- 100% Euro)​

Steps to reserving a            puppy

​1) Fill out the Request Form Page to be placed on the waiting list with preference of puppy. Feel free to look over my Health Guarantee on my Contact Page.

When a litter is ready, those on the waiting list will be contacted, beginning with the longest wait first. Puppies are then posted and one can make their top 3 choices. This process has made it easy with filling choices.

A HOLD will then be placed on available choice and will be held for 4 working days. If a deposit is not received, the HOLD will be taken off and the puppy will become available.

A ($100 Money Order/Cashier's Check) deposit is required. Once the deposit is received, the puppy is posted as SOLD. The remaining cash balance is due at the time the puppy is picked up. (Please NO Personal Checks.
​Also I do Not except credit cards and Not set up for Paypal)